The services we offer are best described by samples of our work.

Kavita’s Kreations is pleased to present examples of projects we have undertaken to showcase our capabilities.

Please Note:
  The samples you are viewing of our work are a lower resolution compared to the original. Any images, graphics, text, videos, music etc. used in our products will be the same quality as provided by you.



Justin's 21st Birthday

A slideshow created for Justin's 21st birthday - completely different to our other "kreations"

Running Time: 5:18

Jason's 1st Birthday

Our first order from Canada - Jason's 1st Birthday Slideshow.

Running Time: 6:31

Coula’s Journey

This slideshow was shown at Coula's Hens' Night showcasing special moments spent with friends.

Running Time: 6:17

Kavya’s 1st Birthday

A slideshow showing the journey of Kavya's 1st Year.
View Full Version here

Running Time: 7:12

Ljiljana and Steven

This slideshow showcases the special moments during Ljiljana & Steven's wedding.

Running Time: 3:10

Kaveesha's 33rd Birthday

This slideshow of Kaveesha's 33rd Birthday showcases the important aspects of his life.

Running Time: 5:11

Divya and Anuj’s Journey

This slideshow showcases Divya & Anuj's journey in life up till their engagement.
View Full Version here

Running Time: 6:44

Harman’s 1st Birthday

This slideshow showcases each month of Harman's 1st Year.
View Full Version here

Running Time: 4:52