Memory Books
Are you looking for a unique gift for a milestone in a loved one’s life?  Gift them a memory book.  A memory book will take them down memory lane and relive the special moments they have encountered over the years.  It will be something that is cherished for a lifetime.

Personalised Guestbooks
Are you tired of looking for a guestbook for special events in your life?  Look no further!!!  We pr
ovide personalised guestbooks that can be catered to your needs.  The guestbook could be simple and include a handful of photos with writing pages for your guests or can be detailed with a lot more personalised information. There are various designs you can choose from for the pages inside. This personalised keepsake will make your event truly memorable.

Business Catalogues
Are you a business looking to showcase your portfolio?  Look no further.  We provide business catalogues that can display your work.  This is a great way to demonstrate your past achievements to new clients to gain more business.

Photo Books
Would you like a personalised Photo Book?  Well, look no further.  We provide personalised Photo Books that can be catered to your needs.  The books can include pictures of you and captions can be added.  This is a great gift for your family and friends.

Other Customised Books
We can also offer other types of customised books such as a Baby Record Books.  The sky is the limit.  Contact us with your requirements and we will definitely be able to put something together to suit your needs.

Simply follow the steps below and you will be on your way to creating your very own personalised and professional book.

  • Select the type of book you would like
  • Collect any messages, photos, pictures, backgrounds, etc. you would like to use in the book
  • Let us know if there is any particular order you would like the content to be displayed in the book
  • Kavita’s Kreations begins the designing of the book according to your needs
  • An initial draft will be provided to you.  Any changes that are requested are made
  • A final draft is provided and any further changes are made before finalising the book
  • Once approved, the finishing touches are added and the final product is produced to give it a professional finish

Congratulations! You now have created a book which will be cherished and treasured forever.

Each book requires a lot of work and planning. We aim to provide our clients a book which is exceptional and high in quality. The general turn-around time is 6 to 8 weeks. This could increase during peak periods or if a project is larger. Please contact us and we can provide you with a better idea of the time involved once we have an idea of your requirements.